Payment Info

::Payment Information::
1. Place order at least 5 day (working day) in advance.

2. Big event order must be placed 1 month (working day) in advance.

3. Booking required 50% deposit (for celebration order) and 70% deposit (for wedding, engagement and bulky order) , this is to avoid cancellation.

4. No payment will be refunded, but you may change to new date

5. Balance must be paid on the day of your pick up / delivery date.

6. Kindly forward your payment advice via emails or sms, once payment has been made.

7. Email me at

::Account Number::
{will be given upon order confirmation}

::Important Notes::

Please note all the said quotation only valid for seven (7) days. After seven (7) days, price might be change. We only remain the price if you make minimum half deposit (from total amount) for booking or block the date. Deposit must be make 3 days after you received the actual price of your order. Or immediately if your event date is less than 5 days. If we did not received any payment, we consider your order is cancel.

Thank you.
Nori Ibrahim


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